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Bassbox is a collection of 180 new sounds with one common theme: bass!

In this soundset you will find basses spanning from 80s popish basses to dark, wobbly and nasty. Hard detuned, soft, sweet, sad, hard, odd, huge, minimal, arpeggiated, sequenced, side-chained (fake of course), overdriven, re-pitched.

As most of the plugin world awaits the anticipated release of version 2, the original Imposcar is in fact one of the coolest synths ever made. Well on par with Minimoogs and Prophet Fives. The key to the greatness of Imposcar lies within its limited structure. The architecture of Imposcar is very simple, but just like the old Prophet Five, there are plenty of modulation tricks that can alter the sound in very clever ways.

Bassbox is 180 new sounds divided up in five banks:

Bank 01 - Deep End. 36 sounds with focus on dark and deep basses.
Bank 02 - Noise. These 36 sounds all have a slight amount of noise in them.
Bank 03 - Pitched. Envelopes and LFOs were used to create movements in pitch. 36 sounds.
Bank 04 - Arpeggios. And sequences. 36 sounds.
Bank 05 - Mix. A bank without any set theme or creative limitations. 36 sounds.

Bassbox is a serious bass injection for one of the best synthesizers ever made - for a silly price.

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