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The Ringmodulator:
This is a new and unique sound basis with a huge collection of analog synthesis ring modulator multisamples for unusual bells, harsh pads, cutting lead synths, odd harmonic structures and weird percussion effects. It has over 50 different multisamples and 128 ready-to-use presets. Specs:
200MB sample library with 128 Presets
Format: ws-engine (ws5), downloadable, &Euro;29
Audio tracks and further details on the product page: Buntkling:
Now this is the opposite of all those big fat RAM-eating poser-sound sample libraries. Buntkling features the cheesy sound of plastic portable keyboards back from the early 80s together with many more unusual toy sounds. You will find samples taken from the following instruments and sources: Yamaha PS20 portable keyboard, as well as one of the first keys with FM tone generator, the CE20, the famous Casio VL1, Korg Poly 800 and M500SP, Siel Cruise, Farfisa Compact organ, cartoon-like vocoder phrases and shouts, Toy Piano, a recorder played by child, party stuff, and many more. Specs:
150MB sample library with 170 presets
Format ws-engine (ws5), downloadable, €29
Audio tracks and further details on the product page
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