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Antelope Audio launches the Isochrone 10M, the first affordable atomic master clock device, ideal for professionals and audiophiles demanding the highest possible accuracy.

At the heart of the Isochrone 10M is the chemical element rubidium, which thanks to the hyperfine structure of rubidium's energy levels produces a clock that is 100,000 times more stable than crystal oscillators. Whereas an average crystal oscillator running free at 98Khz would lose one audio sample a second, the Isochrone 10M can be relied on to be sample accurate for eight days.

Antelope's device is designed to interface seamlessly and enhance the performance of Antelope's OCX and OCX-V sync generators. This provides a vital step towards improving staging, transparency, separation an depth.

With impressive stability of 0.03 ppB (parts per billion), the Isochrone 10M has a practically immeasurable jitter, while the Rubidium technology ensures the most stable and accurate clock reference possible. The Isochrone OCX and OCX-V have become the industry's most highly regarded master clocks and can be found in many of the top mastering suites and recording facilities the world over. Antelope clocks are also used to clock live digital consoles and audiophile equipment.

All Isochrone's clocks are compatible with any audio converters that can lock to an external clock source using either Wordclock BNC, S/PDIF or AES connectors.

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