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ALTO's polypropylene injected powered speaker cabinets are now shipping Worldwide. The PS Series line of plastic cabinets includes a 15" high power woofer with 3" voice coil, a 1.75" compression driver, dual-radial horn and a powerful 400+100 watt amplifier. The PS5HA is a unique product in its class.

For example, In a frontal view there is no difference in size with a 12" model. From a side view you'll notice a deeper enclosure to accommodate the 15" woofer which extends the internal volume. This custom frame has been designed by ALTO for this special 15" woofer.

The same 40-bit DSP currently available in the ALTO MAXIDRIVE, equips the PS5HA.

This DSP includes:

  • 6 to 48 dB Crossover
  • 20 Band Parametric EQ
  • Hum Cancelling
  • Noise Gate
  • Multiband Dynamic EQ processor
  • Delay and Phase Alignment
  • Compressor / Limiter

For added flexibility with the PS5HA, ALTO has included a "3 modes" feature which provides users with different sound styles:

Mode One: "LIVE". Optimized for live performances, the DSP processor provides long throw high frequency reproduction. With regard to low frequencies, 128 dB of SPL has been achieved with the PS5HA enclosure.

Mode Two: "STUDIO". The studio position is particularly good for reproduced music and/or for all those applications where high fidelity sound is required. In this mode the frequency response is completely flat from 20 to 20.000 Hz.

Mode Three: "SUBWOOFER". With this preset users can connect a external subwoofer. The SR Subwoofer (abailable separately) also includes the same DSP and presets that are available when the unit used with 2 satellites or 1 satellite for each subwoofer.

PS Series Features and Benefits:

  • 15" high-power woofer with 3"voice coil
  • 1.75" titanium compression driver
  • 400+100 watt amplifiers, built-in
  • 3 Mode Switching: "Live", "Studio" and "Subwoofer"
  • MAX SPL:128 dB
  • Exclusive 40 BIT DSP Internal Processor
  • Hum Cancelling
  • Noise Gate
  • 20-Band Parametric EQ
  • Multiband Dynamic Processor
  • Delay
  • 10 Fly Points
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