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The Digan Digital Equalizer Series is complete line of DSP based designed equalizers you can include with your current arsenal as you would with traditional analog equalizers. Simply activate the band you want to operate and create your own curve by adjusting the LED bar vertically with the touch of a button. The result is then displayed instantly. For further ease and convenience of a USB port is available for digital interfacing and ships with user-friendly Windows PC Editor. With the Digan Series you can edit the curve from your laptop and save your settings in one of the many resident memory presets. Digan Digital Equalizers also include a powerful dynamic processor with editable memory via PC (Digan 2.7 and 2.14 only) making the Digan Series the ideal companion in a home or project studio as well as for live and installed sound environments.

DIGAN 2.7: 2x7 Band Digital Equalizer

The DIGAN 2.7 is a highly versatile digital EQ in a half-rack chassis. ALTO designed a 100dB Codec for increased dynamic range resulting in optimal signal to noise ratio. The Digan 2.7 is also a 7-band stereo equalizer, a 7-band stereo parametric equalizer and a powerful dynamic processor all in one small package. The user interface is intuitive, immediate and utilizes a USB interface which also incorporates many editing options. The Digan 2.7 parameters are editable via PC through a user-friendly computer interface.

DIGAN 2.14: 2x14 Band Digital Equalizer

With the same flexibility and options of the Digan 2.7, but in a single-high chassis, the 2.14 utilizes 14x14 bands of EQ in a graphic and/or parametric configuration. It also has a 14-band stereo graphic equalizer, a 14-band stereo parametric equalizer and a powerful dynamic processor. All parameters are editable by user can optimize features like: Attack, Release, Ratio and Threshold. With hundreds of LEDs on the front panel, the 2.14 shows you the graphic curve of the factory presets (or user presets) in real time for easy monitoring.

DIGAN 2.30: 2x28 Band Digital Equalizer

With 30+30 bands, 1/3 of octave graphic EQ and powerful Windows PC Editor with digital output the Digan 2.30 is most versatle version in the Digan Series. This top of the line digital equalizer commands 30 bands per channel and comes with several useful factory presets. Each factory preset can be modified to create new presets via the front panel or by using the USB interface on the back panel and connect the unit to a PC for controls on screen. High-pass and low-pass filters are also available with gain control of 6 or 12dB. Additionally, the Digan 2.30 comes with a stereo delay with a maximum delay time of 255ms and SPDIF digital output for digital workstations.

The Digan Series will be available at music specialty stores in the US and Canada February 2006.
MSRP on the Digan Series:
Digan 2.7: $149
Digan 2.14: $189
Digan 2.30: $269

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