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D880 S

In a move that will add flexibility and quality to the performance of vocals and all types of instruments in live situations, AKG Acoustics today introduced the new Emotion Il series of dynamic microphones. The Emotion 11 line builds on the solid foundation laid by the original AKG Emotion series, introduced by AKG three years ago and which has since become AKG's most successful microphone line in history. The new line, featuring three new microphones, continues and expands that legacy of excellence at an affordable price.

The Emotion 11 series continues to bring AKG standards to a wider range of users, from the new entry-level D660S through the more tailored applications of the four other models in the Emotion 11 line. Taken together, the new Emotion II series of dynamic microphones provides an entirely new palette of sounds from the stage, all within reach of a wide range of users.

The new AKG D440 and D550 are cardioid dynamic microphones. The D440 is designed primarily as an instrument microphone for use on percussion instruments, guitar amps, and wind instruments. The wide frequency response of the D440 favors the mid-frequency and treble regions, ensuring exceptional intelligibility. The D550 is similar in design, but has a frequency range down to 20 Hz, making it perfect for low-frequency instruments such as bass amps, baritone wind instruments, etc. Like all the microphones in the new AKG Emotion II line, both the D440 and D550 are fitted with a shock absorbing outer grill, which also serves as a highly effective windscreen against pops and wind noise. Each microphone offers brilliant transmission quality through the new Varimotion membrane technology, while the strong housing and the wire-mesh outer grille provide protection for the dynamic pressure gradient transducer system.

The D660 S is a dynamic microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern, and is designed for multipurpose instrument and vocal applications for all types of stage use, as well as karaoke applications. The wide frequency response of the D660 S, which emphasizes the mid-frequency and treble regions between 4 and 8 kHz, ensures exceptional intelligibility under the most difficult stage conditions. Furthermore, the very affordable D660 S is fitted with a shock-absorbing inner basket offering a high degree of protection for its high output Neodymium capsule. The strong die-cast housing and the wire-mesh outer grille provide additional protection for the transducer system. A very effective windscreen that counters the affect of pop /breath noise and sibilance is formed by the outer steel, wire mesh grille; a layer of special textile material; and the inner grille of fine wire-mesh. The D660S also features an on/off switch on the handle.

The AKG D770 is a cardioid dynamic microphone. The D770's high degree of rejection of unwanted sounds make it perfect for vocals and a wide range of instruments. It has all of the same salient features as the D440 and D550, including the elastic Doubleflex suspension of the transducer system. Doubleflex reduces handling and cable noise, as well as high feedback resistance, due to its frequency-independent cardioid polar response.

The D770 also incorporates AKG's patented Varimotion technology and new dent resistant spring steel windscreen technology for transducer protection.

The new AKG D880 and D880S are supercardioid dynamic microphones with Varimotion technology, and their design is perfectly suited for vocals. Their supercardioid polar response offers significant rejection of unwanted sound. Like the D770, they are fitted with the new dent-resistant spring steel wire-mesh grill for transducer protection, as well as a strong die-cast housing that provides additional protection. The D880S features a recessed silent ON/OFF switch.

All the new AKG Emotion II models (with the exception of the D 660S) feature a standard 3-pin male gold plated XLR-type connector. This connector type is internationally standardized so that it connects using any commercial microphone cable fitted with a female 3-pin XLR-type connector. The new Emotion II series employs advanced AKG technologies to reduce handling noise and incorporates AKGs Doubleflex suspension. Additionally, each of the handheld microphones feature an inner pop filter that can easily be removed for cleaning and replacement. In short, the new Emotion II series is an affordable microphone that can take stage abuse and still perform as though it were set up in a recording studio.

The AKG Emotion 11 series is aggressively priced at: D880 ($142.00); D880S ($155.00); D770 ($129.00); D660S ($98.00); D550 ($238.00); and D440 ($198.00).

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