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Kontakt's 1.5 Beat Machine
(Click for a close-up)

Kontakt 1.5 brings many new and improved features, Mac OS X compatibility, and new import formats.

New Features:

Beat Machine - Using an advanced peak-detection algorithm, Kontakt 1.5's newly developed Beat Machine divides any percussive loop into individual hits. Drum loops can be effortlessly synced to the host sequencer without any loss in sound quality. The individual slices can be mapped on the keyboard and played as individual sounds - each slice can even have its own filter or effect settings. A MIDI file can be easily imported into the host sequencer to directly edit or rearrange each loop into breaks, fills, and all-new grooves. The loop editor shows the individual slice marks in the loop and allows the markers to be set, deleted and moved. The automatic slicing algorithm can be fine tuned with the sensitivity knob for optimal results over a wide range of loops. Kontakt 1.5 also supports the REX 1 and 2 sample formats for loading pre-sliced loops.

Time Machine II - Kontakt 1.5's time stretching and pitch shifting engine has been further developed and improved. The result is Time Machine II, which is available in addition to the original Time Machine from Kontakt 1.2. The integrated "Transient Copy" technology allows for a much more authentic reproduction of a sample's attack phase, which is especially advantageous when working with sharply transient, percussive samples. The sonic behavior of the Time Machine II can be individually configured and adjusted for different output material. Another especially high-performance feature of Time Machine II is the ability to time stretch loops to fit the tempo of the host sequencer. Loops of a wide range of tempos can be easily inserted into any song arrangement, with outstanding results.

VST Automation - In addition to the MIDI automation in version 1.2, Kontakt 1.5 now also supports VST automation. This allows for much more convenient integration with VST-compatible host sequencers. Nearly all control element movements can be drawn as automation curves in the sequencer and be remote-controlled. Since Kontakt is semi-modular, a VST automation number can be quickly and easily assigned to any Kontakt control element.

Drag and Drop From Finder and Desktop - Extended drag and drop functionality further enhances the workflow with Kontakt. Drag and drop support is now no longer limited to the Kontakt browser: files and instruments can also be dragged and loaded directly into Kontakt from the desktop, from folders and from the finder or file explorer.

Locking Zones - A convenient feature has been added to the mapping editor: zones can be locked to prevent them from being accidentally shifted.

Fine-Control of Master Tuning - The master tuning in the options dialog can now be altered in detailed steps of +/- 200 cent - perfect for individual voices.

Solo Latch, Solo in Place - With Solo Latch and Solo in Place in the options dialog you can set the behavior of the solo buttons in the individual Kontakt racks. With Solo Latch several instruments can be switched to solo at once, while Solo In Place lets only one instrument be switched to solo at time.

Mac OSX and new interfaces - Kontakt 1.5 fully supports Mac OS X and includes new interfaces: The Mac OS X version can be used standalone or as a plug-in with Core Audio, Core MIDI, Audio Units, VST 2.0 and RTAS.

New import formats - Kontakt 1.5 further expands its compatibility to professional sample formats: the new version can now import REX, EXS MK II and Samplecell (Digidesign).


Kontakt 1.5 will be available from the end of October 2003 in the NI Online Shop. The update will be available as a special offer for 29 Euro/$29 (direct download) and 49 Euro/$49 (boxed version) for the first four weeks following release, after which it will cost 49 Euro/$49 (direct download) and 69Euro/$69 (boxed version).

Plase note: Customers who purchased Kontakt after August 1st, 2003 (online or from a dealer) can download the update for free if Mac OS X/RTAS support isn't already included (copy of receipt required if not purchased in the NI Online Shop).

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