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Titled after the Guinness
World Record for the shortest song ever recorded ("You Suffer" by
Napalm Death), 1.316 Seconds by 9 Soundware is a collection of
Sculpture-based Channel Strip setting files for Apple Logic Pro
inspired by extreme music. Combining the string/exciter paradigm of
Sculpture with the signal-contorting resources of Logic Pro, the sound
set is composed of simulations and abstractions of instrumentation
associated with stupendously aggressive, challenging works.

1.316 Seconds is composed of 5 categories, "Down-tuned Guitar",
"Down-tuned Bass", "Blast Beat", "Death Growl", and "Microsong", each
of which consists of 10 Channel Strip settings. Featuring .cst files
designed to simulate machine gun-like mechanical riffs, as well as
sustained chords, central to the sound set is "Down-tuned Guitar".
When sequenced with consecutive fifths and parallel octaves, using
palm mute and sustaining sounds in conjunction, these Channel Strip
settings allow for mockups of simple phrases. "Down-tuned Bass" is
based on the timbres of grotesquely distorted, droning bass guitars.
Similarly, parallel octaves allow for the balance between tonality and
cacophony when using these .cst files. The "Blast Beat" Channel Strip
settings are abstractions of the blistering noise associated with the
drumming technique. While the sound design behind this category is
largely conceptual (; not emblematic of drum kits), snare drums can be
modeled by layering multiple Channel Strip settings (in particular
Blast Beat 08.cst and Down-tuned Bass 09.cst). Comparably
nonfigurative, the "Death Growl" noise instruments impressionistically
portray guttural vocals. These .cst files are designed for performance
in tandem with the modulation wheel. Finally, the "Microsong" Channel
Strip settings produce bursts of rhythmic and randomly shifting
timbres driven by LFO modulation.

The 1 MB download includes 50 .cst files.

1.316 Seconds is available now for $14.99 at www.9soundware.com.

Sculpture, Channel Strip, and Logic are trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks
property of their respective holders.

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