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Catanya is a POLYPHONIC PATTERN BASED ARPEGGIATOR (VSTi MIDI Plugin) which helps those who loves the music and would like to compose it themselves. It doesn't matter whether you are beginner, amateur or professional, Catanya gives you new impulse for life. Usage
  • Catanya is good for beginners. It allows them to combine preset patterns and quickly receive song basement.
  • Catanya is ideal and recommended for the live musicians. It allows to design and create original riffs for them (but not only for them)
  • Create compositionally rich traces to your songs.
  • Create professional traces for the instruments which you are not familiar with.
  • Compose songs at style which is not "yours" - for brass band fan it is not problem to make techno song when necessary.
  • You don't need to manufacture a trace. You need just your chord procedure (you have it mostly), then hang-up our plugin, join a syntesizer/sampler and the track is finished.
What does it arpeggiator mean?
It's the tool which allows you to play sequence based on your chord. Catanya is not standard arpeggiator which has preset modes like UP, DOWN, ALTERNATE etc. Catanya was developed on much more higher level: it's based upon the patterns! The pattern is short music phrase.
From the Catanya point of view particular presets are patterns at the same time. When you are playing a chord at the input and holding there are generated proper notes (bass line, piano etc) at the output according to the tuning. You can create your own pattern or simply choose one of the hundreds preset patterns. When you have chosed pattern you have to play chord or chord progression, put on output your favorite synthesizer or sampler and you will get finished track. Features
  • next generation pattern arpeggiator
  • easy to use
  • fully editable patterns
  • multiple instances
  • 9x32 note matrix
  • 1100 presets (music phrazes)
  • supports recording final output into DAW for additional editations
  • presets browser with ability to choose genre, style, rhythm, instrument, tempo
  • applicable with any VSTi plugin or external HW synthesizer (via DAW's midi out)
  • unique AI Random functions for making unique velocity Groove
  • realtime velocity spread
  • support Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, FL Studio, Mackie Tracktion, NI Kore 2, EnergyXT
Pricing and Availability: € 45.00
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