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Discovered another advantage Lee Oskar has over Special 20s

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  • Discovered another advantage Lee Oskar has over Special 20s

    When I played my special 20 harps I sometimes snag my stubble on the harp creating a unpleasant playing experience.  I notice this does not happen with Lee Oskar harps no matter how long I go between shaves. 

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    That's strange. I've got 5 Special 20s, one Big River, one Hohner Lancer and one Marine Band harp.

    I'm always snagging my stubble on the Big River, the Lancer and Marine Band harps. NEVER on the Special 20s. In fact, in addition to having plastic combs, the "no snag" feature of the Special 20s is one of the reasons I bought them. No brass reed plate hanging out there to snag the stubble on.

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      Have you tried a Lee Oskar?  If so what was your impression ... stuble-wise?