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UK 's Acoustic Magazine Forum Fail


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  • UK 's Acoustic Magazine Forum Fail

    Not surprisingly due to having been hijacked by a handful of the UK's version of characters from 'Mighty Wind"
    Thankfully we've got this place for things 'Acoustic'.


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    Linky no worky.

    Three Dreads......2 Martins and 1 YamahaA fiddle, a mando, a uke, eight harmonicas, a Zoom H2, a Panasonic recorder, coupla penny whistles, an Italian made Titano accordion, three handguns, at least a dozen chess sets, more power tools than Bob Vila, and one old Westclox "Big Ben" wind-up alarm clock that still works! Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention my ocarina and maracas.


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      yeah John, exactly my point - it was the only dedicated acoustic guitar forum in the UK run by a magazine = no running costs to the forumites, and a dozen or so people managed to allianate virtually every one who registered on it - quite a feat. The funnyest part is that they kept reasuring THEMSELVES it was such a 'friendly' place to hang whilst the statistics proved otherwise.

      From a population of <> 60 Mil and the steel string acoustic being very popular here you'd think you could sustain at least one healthy forum but they wanted to keep it 'local' in the Anglosentric way - like this, just change the word 'Road' to 'Forum'


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    Ah the clique's back at it, thank god theyve got somewher to excruciatingly friendly and welcoming to go - all 72 of them .png" alt=":smileysurprised:" title="Smiley Surprised" />