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Early Washburn SBF80 pickup advice needed


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  • Early Washburn SBF80 pickup advice needed

    I've got an early (circa 1980's) SBF80 Solid bodied electrocoustic. It has been a solid workhorse of a guitar for many years.

    Lately the poor old thing has developed a wiring problem and I'm pretty sure it is up near the pickup.

    I'm pretty sure a quick re-solder will fix things up but I need to get the piezo out without damaging anything.

    Each string has a separate saddle, not the conventional single saddle arrangement. Has anyone ever taken one of these apart?
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    Yeah, I've taken them apart. Extra large PIezo with shims above and seperate saddle for each string. The idea was to isolate vibrations as much as possible from one string to another. Saddles are cheaper plastic.

    Conventional saddle sizes are much too narrow for direct repalcement. A difficult situation for one who has to work on this bridge. However I've had success with replacing the entire bridge and pickup/saddle arrangement in it's entirety.