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  • Choosing between an apple and an orange...

    Hi all,

    I'm in the fortunate position of having saved up a chunk of change for a new acoustic. I've played dozens of instruments and narrowed it down to two. The problem is they're pretty much night and day and I can only afford one for a good long while: a (2012) Gibson J-200 and a Martin 000-18 Golden Era.

    In the ideal world I'd love to go home with both because they both do different things I love, but I'm in a position to buy one now and save for another year or so and get the other one so it's not that simple sadly.

    My solo stuff is in the same kind of vein as Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, etc and I also play guitar in an indie-ish band that takes big influence from early-mid '60s pop.

    Any thoughts/opinions you have would be very appreciated!!

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    Get the one that sounds/feels best in your living room.  In a live performance or recording situation, you can manipulate the sound to get it closer to what you're looking for.

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    Neither of us is gay or anything, it just happened.


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      I'd vote for the J200 if it was one of those ones built on a Wednesday perfect examples.