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  • Help with choosing the right guitar

    Hello everyone! Its my first post!

    I am on budget and I really want to buy my first acoustic guitar (I have been playing for a couple of years but I only owned electric guitars previously).

    I am left handed, and I can't decide which one of the fallowing guitars would be the best option (just the best out of those 4). I am really unable to play on those guitars in real life and to listen to them, I am used to slim necks in guitars so it would also help to know which one of those has the slimmest or at least slim neck.

    I will be mostly playing acoustic rock and pop songs + singing, blues rhythm and lead, stuff like acoustic led zeppelin and guns n roses.

    Here are the guitars, all are used in good condition (apparently Washburn is in mint condition and still has original factory strings on it):

    Washburn D10S for

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    Upgrade to something used....Left handed guitars, though fewer, usually sell at a nice price point.

    I have owned a crafter....it was a 12 string....nice guitar, just not exactly what I was looking for....  but if you  find one that sounds and plays good....why not buy one?

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      why dont you buy a Samick acoustic guitar

      i bought mine for 30$ at

      music central were i live. mabe you could fine one online?

      mine is a nylone string


      • Pine Apple Slim
        Pine Apple Slim commented
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        Never played any of these, but from the specs

        The Crafter D8-laminated mahogany back and sides, solid Engleman spruce top.

        Crafter D7-laminated mahogany back and sides, solid cedar top. A little fancier binding and rosette than the D8.

        The diff in these two other than the cosmetics(binding) is cedar vs Engl spruce top. All else equal, which appears is pretty much so, the cedar top will be warmer, the Engl spruce will be brighter in tone.

        Crafter Lite T/CD-smaller orchestra shaped body, laminated mahogany back and sides, solid cedar top. This size is smaller than the Dreadnaught(D) shape, and some people find them more comfortable to hold. It should exhibit less bass due too the smaller body, but still have a decent balanced sound. Id pick this out of your choices if I wanted a smaller guitar.

        Washburn D10S-Dreadnaught sized, laminate mahogany back&Sides, laminated spruce top. 

        I'd go with the D8 myself, or the T/CD if I wanted a smaller guitar. The few crafters Ive played have been decent.



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      Thanks for advices guys, yesterday I found Simon & Patrick SP6 Cedar guitar for