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Not all guitar giants liked to practice


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  • Not all guitar giants liked to practice

    Joe Pass, the greatest jazz player in the universe....and even beyond that, hated to practice,  He believed that if players practiced enough during their youth that practice shouldn't be necessary.  Note:  Don't confuse this with learning new material.  His father made him practice eight hours a day.  Joe tried the patience of many band mates, managers, and promoters, by not spending hours practicing before a concert.  It was customary during his reign for jazz players to stay at the homes of friends and concert organizers.  Joe would love to spend Saturday mornings with the children of his 'home away from home' watching cartoons and children's shows.  It's said that Joe laughed as loud or louder than the kids.  He didn't have much of an opportunity to be a kid when he grew up so he spent as much off stage time making up for it.

    Joe once went to Brazil for a much needed vacation for 30 days.  During the 30 days he didn't touch his guitar.  His first meeting back with his guitar was at a Saturday night concert.  His warm up was the sound check.

     Pick Tip-

    I found the following phrase about using large triangle picks in an old guitar forum and thought it was worth sharing.   "I tried using those big triangular things, but I had to fight off the urge to dip it in guacamole."

    Don't buy a gemstone guitar pick. They're like your favorite snack; you can't stop with just one.

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    Don't even get me started on Django Reinhart.........

    "I don't want to be immortalized through my work. I want to be immortalized by not dying." Woody Allen


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      You should probably specify guitarist. Buddy Rich was the greatest player. And if you were lucky enough to be in Buddy's band, you better practice.


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        I was lucky enough to attend a Joe Pass lecture/concert of his for a small group. It was in Rockford Illinois sometime in the late 70's early 80's.....I was particularly impressed with his willlingness to answer all questions and to play flawlessly for hours, while describing his methods and "tricks" on the guitar....the man was amazing.....in fact, I believe he was one of those born "gifted" people that broke all the rules of learning and practicing. Certainly he was the exception to the rule....a real loss when he passed.

        Oh, the lesson went well....he showed everyone so many styles and methods, none of them really stuck....total overload for me.....but it was worth every minute.

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          Wow!  I never had the pleasure of seeing Joe Pass.  Everyone that I've talked that saw him in person says the same things as you did about him.  He certainly seems like a very nice, down to earth, no ego kind of guy in his DVD's.  I really wish I'd had had the opportunity to see him.  Sadly, I moved into an interest in Jazz right after his death. 

          If I were your neighbor I'd ask you a hundred questions about that show.  What great memories you'll always have of that concert.

          Take Care and feel fortunate.




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        Neither do I like to practice. But I love learning songs and noodling. Joe Pass is so far beyond me that I can't even relate to his approach, and ditto for Django. Now I haven't played in long enough that my callouses are gone! Yep, it hurts.


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          Bernie: Do Television practice a lot? 
          Tom: Yeah, we really work out. When we first started we rehearsed six days a week for four months before we even played live; then we still stuck. We were awful, y

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        LMFAO! at the guacamole part, I feel the same way brotha!


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          The only "practice" I do is when I practice playing my music. Far as I can remember, nobody's ever asked me to play them any practice exercises.