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I LOVE these pickups..........


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  • I LOVE these pickups..........

    I'm not a salesman or manufacturer....but I just LOVE these pickups:




    I install them in a lot of my guitars. It involves some cutting up of the body... but I think they are better than the pickup systems a lot of high end manufacturers use. Basically they consist of an active onboard preamp with 4 band EQ. Also a digital tuner. Also you can use a microphone cable with these straight to the PA OR a standard 1/4" guitar cable. uses an 9V battery. ALSO it has a cool blender feature bewteen an onboard microphone and a piezo pickup.


    The microphone feeds back easily in live amplified situations....so you have to use it sparingly. Not so much in recording situations. But combined with a soundboard transducer, it sounds great. i usually substitute one of THESE soundboard transducers for the piezo UST. Combined with the active EQ and mic you get LOTS of acoustic tone CHEAP.


    Anyway like the guy making sausages and peppers for all the gangsters in the Godfather said: "That's my trick!"


    "I don't want to be immortalized through my work. I want to be immortalized by not dying." Woody Allen

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    Yes.  I have the prestige 330 in all my guitars.  Jessie is a good man ... stands by his products.

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      I have the JJB in two of my babies. Every bit as good as K&K IMHO.