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Dimarzio Super Distortion vs. Super 3

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  • Dimarzio Super Distortion vs. Super 3

    Can anyone compare these 2 ? According to the site, they are really similar in output and frequency curve. I'm looking for something not as spiked in the treble as the Steve's Special in my sig. As well as some added thickness in the mids. This will be mainly for classic old school hard rock/metal and Stoner/Doom stuff.

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    Morris and Vox Amps
    Orange Cabs
    Gibson and Fender Guitars


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      The super 3 could be your thing

      Good amount of bass, lots of mids and a little less highs.

      Good pickup for taming a bright amp, it really shines at loud volumes where you need a controllable pickup.
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        I use the Super 3 in both of my Les Pauls in the lead position. It has more mids.
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