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broke my new strats cherry last night

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  • broke my new strats cherry last night

    first gig out with the new American Standard Strat..

    there are too many good things I can say about the new series of strats, it would fill this post..

    the pups are articulate, QUIET, the g-string rings out true...

    when I needed the quack or bite it was there at the asking,,

    anyone thinking about getting one of these, it's money well spent, these things are beautiful and are a players guitar..

    love this new axe, best money I ever spent.

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    Nice! What color is that?
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      there are not enough good things I can say about the new series of strats, it would fill this post..

      You obviously meant: "I have too many good things to say about the new series of strats" right?
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        charcoal frost

        yes that's what I meant to say, thanks for the heads up


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          Beautiful Strat. Glad to see hear you are enjoying it.
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