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Guitar stores in Rome?


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  • Guitar stores in Rome?

    Tommorow's my last day in Rome and I was wondering if anyone knows any guitar shops here...couldn't find anything of the sort in Italian yellowpages online.
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    In Naples there's a bunch of guitar stores on some random street near the fleet landing area by the cruise ships and the castle. I didn't see any in Rome while I was there, but i did find this http://www.cherubini.com/en/ online before i left. With the USD=Euro though it's really not worth buying anything over there. The only thing that might be interesting is one of the higher end Gibson clones that are illegal here, but they're by no means cheap.
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      There is a small music shop in Rome not far from the Colloseum.

      I am not exactly sure where - but I stayed in via Cavour in January and stumbled across it trying to find a laundry. I think it is this one.

      Saint Louis Music Center Srl

      Via Urbana, 49
      00184 Roma (RM), Italy

      It was tiny - smaller than Rudy's Music in New York but is packed full of guitars, amps pedals and such.

      This google map search has some more.

      http://www.google.com/maps?f=l&source=s_l&output=html&hl=en&q=music&near =via+cavour+roma&btnG=Search+Businesses
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