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Jazzmaster Pickups vs P90's ???


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  • Jazzmaster Pickups vs P90's ???

    (I posted this over in FX, but it more or less got overlooked)

    How similar do Jazzmaster single coils sound to P90 style single coils? Really not digging the grody brutish sound of the high output Fender buckers that came in my CP Jaguar. Think I'm gonna swap em out for p-rails cause I've really been digging the single coil tones the other guitar player in my band has been getting out of his Jazzmaster, but I still want the option of blending in a humbucking sound. Your thoughts?

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    Vintage Jazzmaster pickups aren't as fat or growly as P90s. They are very jangly, but thicker than your average Strat pickup. The Classic Player Jazzmaster pickups (Hot Jazzmaster, I belive) are closer to P90s, but still not quite. They're a good in-between sound.
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