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  • OT: Craigslist and Paypal

    Would you sell/ship an $800 item that you have on Craigslist to someone many states away if the buyer will use Paypal?

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    I have done transactions that large using paypal. If you do, make sure you send tracking info to the buyer. Do it through paypal so there is documentation.

    If you can convince them to use paypal gift, you are golden. No fees, plus it removes the ability of the buyer to dispute the transaction.

    EDIT: There are some sort of scams using paypal. I would research them to be on the safe side.


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      I would insist the money be depositied as cash (bank transfer) and not credit card. The thing that worries me about credit cards is the charge back. A person can call his credit card compnay and say the item was delivered damaged or not as advertized and have the credit card company reverse the charge and get his money back. Then you would have to fight it out with him.
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        On forums like these, you can (kinda sorta) rule out the flakes and the scammers by postcount and references. In the land of CL, it's the wild west.

        Had a Russian guy REALLY want my Jaguar Baritone that was on CL, and he was at his sister's house in MD for a week longer before heading back to the motherland, and wanted to pay by PP. He was not open to paying by gift, which I felt was my only recourse, even though I don't normally use PP this way. I stopped it there. The whole thing smelled of "I get your guitar and dispute the charges. And WTF are you gonna do about it when I'm in Russia?"
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          Hmmm. Thanks for the input. Truly appreciate it.

          Happy Thanksgiving!
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            I've been having the same problem w/ trying to sell my marshall 20th anniv white tolex 4x12 cab: "Where are you located?" Niagra Falls! LOL I'm in Seattle, WA...
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