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Pickup for First Act PW580?


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  • Pickup for First Act PW580?

    Firebird PU,Dogear p90 PU,JB HB PU,or Tele Esquire PU?

    Any thoughts on which PU would best suit this guitar? Most versatile? Most rocking?

    Looking for a good open chord sound for simple,rocking,clean and distorted,verse chorus verse tunes.

    I have fun playing this guitar,but would like to give it more of a distinct sound than what the stock PU offers.It seems like this guitar could be a little Melody Maker or Esquire or Mustang with the right set up.Maybe not...In my mind anyway.

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    Do you not like the stock Armstong single-coil? I think those First Act bikinis are pretty distinct and pleasant-sounding ...


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      Rhythmically they're a little shrill on the clean and not too bad when distorted.I can dial in some good sounds with them with riffs,but I don't really feel I'm getting what I want when strumming.I feel I have to change my attack,which I don't want to do.I like playing it unplugged.