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New PRS SE 245 Colors?


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  • New PRS SE 245 Colors?

    While waiting to get my replacment se 245 wich is now warming up in the other room. I noticed on musiciansfriend site options for orange and dark cherry burst. When I ordered my tobacco burst model they told me they were discontinuing the antique white and tortise shell or red versions. I assume these are the colors that are replacing them. They are in stock and ready to ship. I just can't seem to find any info on them let alone any pics on musiciansfriend or the PRS website. Not sore I missed out as comparing the color names to existing models I would have not liked it muvh anyway. I am just cutious what they look like. I am more concerned about my new one letting it warm up and not being able to check it out for a hours is killing me.

    Maybe Musiciansfriend jumped the gun and listed them early or something.


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    Last one on the right in this pic? Maybe in flametop in the us though.