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Help me pass a little GAS / (spend money)

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  • Help me pass a little GAS / (spend money)

    I got a little windfall at the holiday, and have a +/- working GAS budget of $800.

    I don't NEED anything (see: June thread on insane GAS spree). I have mostly nicer MIM and Asian Fenders, with a few US Fenders tossed in with an oddball or two (PRS, Danelectro, etc.). No Gibsons in there - not against, just never played one I like except SGs, and I have an Agile Valkyrie that kicks ass.

    But of course, I wandered around and spotted some winners.

    What would you buy?

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    I think some of the LP studios are real nice and fall into your budget. I bought a worn brown studio last year and it's an exceptional guitar. No real complaints with it except I swapped out the bridge PU. I found the BB Pros a little lacking, but I generally prefer hotter ceramic pickups. That and I kinda like the stripped down, basic look to them. Doesn't make me feel bad if it gets any dings or scratches
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      Here's the breakdown:

      1. The Fender Pawnshop is a used guitar in incredibly good condition. There's only one tiny issue: the trem bar only tightens properly (e.g., no rattling) at the exact wrong angle. I have tons of guitars with trems, and am not a heavy trem user anyhow. It's the black strat-shaped hollow-body one, with a terrific maple neck. Asking $450, I can probably get them to $400.

      2. The Yamaha is an acoustic - and I do not have a serviceable A/E (I have an old Takamine that's lovely but the electronics are screwed). It is usually $799 and the local MOm and Pop is closing it out with a case for $475.

      3. Yeah ... I know. Just what I need: more Asian Fenders. I have a Marauder, a MP Tele Plus, a Squier Affinity Tele (weirdly one of the best necks I've ever seen, it's like a gold crown on a single tooth in a rotten jaw), a VM JM, a CP Jag, a 50's RI MIM Strat ... and I can't get enough, it seems. Am thinking of getting the "Tele Custom" (which is really a Telemaster) and/or a Jag and/or additional JM. They would become modding platforms.

      4. I could always pretend to get a life. Actually, option 4 was going to be "save a little more for a US Fender" but I played a ton of them lately and - wait for it - have finally crossed the bridge where I don't find any of the US standards to be better than a modded MIM or Asian. In fact, they are **************************** disappointing me lately. And since I don't flip guitars, I don't care about resale value; I just want those that are fun to play and mess with. I guess a sub-option here would be ski weekend in Taos / partial payment towards vintage Fender amp (see: Rumble Seat Music's website, ugh) / something else.

      What do you all think?