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    A guy near me has a 'Sammy' guitar, and I offered my $100 (on sale for $50) Cort acoustic as a trade, and he said he'd do it. Since I never play acoustic, I'd gladly send the Cort out the door without a second thought. Anyone know anything about Sammy? I asked him about it, and this is what he said. I'll attach pictures below. Plus, it comes with a strap and strings.


    It was a gift from a friend who plays a lot. He upgraded to a name brand guitar, Fender I think. I also didn't know the genesis of a "Sammy" so I called Sam Ash to see if they sold a fender replica. They didn't. I can't find any reference to Sammy on the Internet, but I will say that all of the parts (woods used) are typical of Fender guitars. The pots are clean and I replaced the knobs myself. I've since played the Stratocaster and like the configuration of this guitar better with the humbucker and two single coil pick-ups. Gives it a richer tone. Also, it works really well with the iRig and the pedals that come with that. I've even used it with a Morley Wah and, with a little distortion, it sounds like its straight off a 70s record. I've played it for the last 15 years and kept it in good working order. Neck is straight, relatively low action, and its a great practice/beginner guitar. 







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    I know NOTHING of a Sammy brand but it looks an awful lot like a Peavey Tracer or even a Jackson Dinky.

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