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Schaller Floyd Rose saddle radius


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  • Schaller Floyd Rose saddle radius

    Hey everyone. So Im looking at getting a custom Strat done by Warmoth. I am looking to have the neck set up with a straight 16" radius and a 1 11/16 (43mm) string spacing at the nut. Now Warmoth only offers the Schaller Floyd Rose with a 12" radius. I am having a hard time finding a Schaller with a 16" radius to match the neck. Anyone know where to find one? Also. Where is a good place to find very thin pieces of metal? Something I could cut to the size of the individual saddles to place under them and use for shims.

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    I wasn't aware that Floyds came with different radii, but the Schaller unit sold at StewMac is spec'd as a 14" radius.

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       Yeah, you will need shims. Get yourself a set of metal feeler guages from an auto-parts store (should be about $7.00) and hack 'em up. Works great. More than enough to radius a floyd. They also work great for setting up your action (mind you don't hack up the size you need to set up your guitar).