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Fastest rising guitar investment of all time? Suprise


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  • Fastest rising guitar investment of all time? Suprise

    Fender Hello Kitty guitar picks going for over triple MF retail


     price last year, on EBAY now.


    That's  the type of pussy I like.



    Never under estimate the power of the Kitty!

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    The Squier HK's are levelling off though. They used to sell into the mid-$300s, despite being a $199 budget banger originally. Now, they're back down close to original price, which I guess isn't bad, considering the average new/used comparison, especially Squiers! -Adam
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    Jesus probably doesn't love everyone, especially ****************************s. He probably wants to punch them but He won't. That's what makes him Jesus.

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    ...we should be talking about the national debt, the number of incarcerated citizens in this country(the prison industrial complex), the military industrial complex, the so called war on drugs and corporations/banks that are running over people and buying our politicians...


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      I saw someone trying to sell theirs for $600 once! Crazy!! I should have listed mine for 500 - what a deal.