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Specify which RG that I have

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  • Specify which RG that I have

    Hey guys. On the back of my Ibanez necks headstock it says: RG 320 DX. Then this number: C 00080896 Made In Korea. Just trying to find out the exact info on this guitar. It is an RG like all the others. 24 fret bound rosewood fretboard maple neck with sharktooth inlays. I bought it used several years ago. Had stock humbuckers and a low quality licensed Floyd Rose. Its dark bluish purple in color. And the headstock front is black with the words Ibanez RG Series written in siverish grey color. 

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    It's an RG 320DX.
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      Lol I guess that sounded dumb. What I mean is, does someone have the exact specs and value of this particular guitar. I have seen alot of different RG 320 DXs.

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    And there you have it.
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