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Mike - guy I tried to build a guitar for


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  • Mike - guy I tried to build a guitar for

    Send me your address please. I haven't heard from you in months, you sent me money to ship it out and I don't have your details. It's been boxed up and ready to go man. Don't remember your username or e-mail either. I don't want to **************** you over on this, you've been really generous (kudos to him actually, dude is a TOTALLY legit guy).

    dharmaforone.bandcamp.comListen to my music and such.Strat - Jazzmaster - Bunch of fuzz and delay pedals - map.

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    Video evidence of Yesticles playing live at Random (expletive deleted) Hole, Warren, MI on 11/2/2012.Free "music!"


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      What the heck?

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    dude it was me! send it on over to :



    haha just kidding but my name is mike


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      I don't remember his username, it's mike(some numbers)

      He paid me well, gave me gifts, and eventually wanted to build it himself. The body he gave me had way too shallow of a neck pocket for me to do anything with really. It's been sitting in my basement for some time now. I want him to have it back...

      I want him to have his guitar back. The body is kind of ****************, but he bought some nice USA strat pups for it, and there's a Carvin neck that feels OUTSTANDING. I offered to put it together for free, but he tipped me a little bit with random parts and such. Cool guy, I hope he reads this.

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      PM on the way. Thanks, Rob.