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Easier volume swells in 10 seconds


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  • Easier volume swells in 10 seconds

    My pinky always slips of standard plastic knobs, it's hard for me to get a grip, so a few years ago I super-glued a rubber band on and it's been great.  I really like this, and I'd do the same for any future strats (or just buy rubber-grip knobs)  I'm selling this guitar, so I figured I'd pass on the tip before the guitar leaves:

    rubber band volume

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    I love volume swells in recent years... or even just tweaking the volume a bit from phrase to phrase to change the sound.  I've been playing a SG a lot and it's impossible to do it with my pinky.  I just can't get the same effect with a volume pedal.

    No problems with Strat or Tele style knobs though.