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I'm GASing for a Marshall Class 5.


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  • I'm GASing for a Marshall Class 5.

    Not all of you really know how I play but I like to play crunchy with warm amp overdrive, maybe a bit of reverb but not too much effects. All the clips I've seen of this amp have the exact tone that I'd love to get from my amps. I'll use a series of boosts and Boss OD-3 to nail the exactly amount of drive but I want to mostly depend on the amp's volume.

    My only real problem, though, is just how loud are those things, and more importantly, when turned up loud, is there body to the tone or is it just a point source? Our other guitar amp is a Vox Pathfinder so I don't have to be very loud at all but it needs to be heard over drums and still be warm. My AC4 sounds great turned up, but it's not warm at rehearsal volume.

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    Vox doesn't make those.

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      Haha, it's a little known fact here but I've gigged with Vox like once. I use Roland nearly all of the time since I'm so used to it and it works well.

      Now I'm just considering a Marshall 18 watt clone.