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NAD! My first Vox!


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  • NAD! My first Vox!

    This just arrived today...

    2013-02-17 14.16.10.jpg

    2013-02-17 14.16.53.jpg

    2013-02-17 14.16.39.jpg

    I had been trying to unload my Godin Shifter 4 bass for the past few months. It is a marvelous bass but I just wasn't giving it the playing time it deserved. Plus I really really needed to lighten my gig setup. I ended up trading straight up for the amp even though I feel I could of got at least $100 on top of it all. He was nice enough to drive the hour distance between us. With the crazy winter weather we have been having it was a big relief not having to drive. I aquired the Godin in a previous trade for a Peavey Delta Blues, which was way too much amp for me. I only had a little over $400 initially invested so I feel I still got a decent deal in the end. Now time to play

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    Nice amp! Ive always wanted one of those. What version is that? I know the newr AC15s come with a Greenback. But yeah $400 for a used AC15 is a pretty good deal. HNAD:robotlol:


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      Ahh right forgot to put that in! Its the AC15CC, I think it is the early version of the newer AC15s.