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Leo Fender's contributions to the music we love


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  • Leo Fender's contributions to the music we love

    In the new issue of the online Pure Guitar magazine, noted guitar book author Tom Wheeler gives an intriguing assessment of the role Leo Fender had in the creation of the music we love -- not as a musician himself, but as the inventor of the tools used to make it. It's hard to imagine Jimi Hendrix without his Stratocaster, James Burton without his Tele, or James Jamerson without his electric bass.

    After all, begins Wheeler, "From 1950 to 1954, Leo Fender spearheaded the most potent creative surge in the history of electrical instrument manufacturing. He designed the first commercially successful solidbody guitar, the Telecaster; invented the modern electric bass, which transformed popular music; and introduced the most influential of all electric guitars, the Stratocaster. If he had done none of these things, his place in history would still be secure because of his amplifiers, which set the gold standard for tone and reliability against which virtually all amps are judged to this day."

    Here's a link to the whole article: http://www.pureguitar.com/features/2013/02/19/leo-fender-20th-century-man/

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    The tele and then the Strat where would we be without them?



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      Once again proves vision trumps talent.