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    I have been looking for a really nice tele for yonks and found this at Coda- it's a very lightweight 62 Custom relic with Lollars throughout. Lovely tone, lovely soft c neck. Very happy.


    62 CS Relec Tele

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    Thats beautiful and it gives me really bad Tele GAS. I love Teles with rosewood fretboards. Teles are my favorite guitar actually. :cat:


    • BydoEmpire
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      Fantasic!  Congrats on the new tele - she's gorgeous. 

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    HNGD! That looks awesome. Can you tell me more about the next pickup? I'm looking for a humbucker for my G&L ASAT. The neck humbucker gets a little muddy/flubby for me.
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    • NoplanB
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      Sure. Now bearing in mind I've had an hour on the thing so far....

      It's the Lollar wide range Humbucker. http://www.lollarguitars.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LGP&Product_Co de=269&Category_Code=humbucker-pickups

      Lollar are a great company and the owner specialises in Tele's as he's a Tele fanatic! The others to try are Amalfitano. Many good judges rave about those. Both companies are highly thought of, I believe.

      The notable thing about the Lollar is the greater definition, that's for sure. It drives quite hot for a tele, but never loses definition.

      One thing you should be aware of, it requires some slight tweaking of plate and body to fit really well. If you're not confident, get a good tech to fit it.