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Duesenberg Starplayer TV vs Duesenberg Carl Carlton (C.C)


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  • Duesenberg Starplayer TV vs Duesenberg Carl Carlton (C.C)

    Hi guys!

    I'd like to know if you can explain to me the differences between the models Doozy Starplayer and C.C. The only thing I found is about the body size and the price...

    - Is there any other thing that is relevant to know?

    - Which one do you prefer?


    Gonna buy this one:


    Doozy C.C Vintage White



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    i dunno but thats a sharp guitar. doesnt joe walsh play one?  they are twangy!

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      At first sight there doesn't seem to be much difference..so I would shoose the TV Special, it's cheaper and has the same components.

      I bought one e few weeks ago (transparent orange) and it is far out the best guitar I own (and I have a few strats, godins..).

      From the moment I opened the case (a beauty ) it was clear that Duesenberg guitars are a class apart. But not only the looks are spectacular, also  the sound, playability and especialy the tremolo are just great. It stays in tune for hours.

      Every guitar that leaves the factury has passed a so called 'plekmachine' that guarantees perfection (stringhight, frets, bridge, neck, nut..)

      In Europe U.S. guitars are very expensive (especialy Gibson). But Duesenberg guitars are made in Germany, and like many other things (cars, hifi, amps..) made in G. they are very reliable and not to expensive for us Europeans. As I notice on price lists the starplayer sells at more than 2500 $. Well worth it, but nearly in the same range as Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, PRS..

      Not an easy decision ...