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SD JBb Magnet Swap?


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  • SD JBb Magnet Swap?

    I've played this E-LP-98LTS out several times and I totally dig it! I haven't played a Gibson that I think is any nicer, and I auditioned a boatload of LP's before I took a chance on this in a trade. So...the JB in the bridge is much nicer to my sound than I thought it would be, but since I am about to do some work on it anyway...I have some magnets (A3, A4, and UOA5). I have read a lot of posts, so I have an idea of what folks think, but I have a specific question. My sound with this guitar is that Robben Ford-type Fender Blackface + Barber Small Fry + whatever I need, which usually isn't much. The JB actually ends up sounding pretty nice for this IF I keep the volume rolled back and drop the tone a little. Opened of course, we get that high gain, ice-picky thing that everyone told me about, which I just don't use. Would I be able to counter this most effectively by: a) Using one of these magnets (A3, A4, or UOA5) instead of the stock A5 b) Changing the tone pot to a 250 c) combo of the above of course we also have: d) leave it alone and use the vol/tone (I certainly can do this) e) you need a different PUP (not sure I do) I really though that JB was coming out, but after playing it...sounds pretty great in the "sweet spot." I guess I'm asking if I can widen that sweet spot. I may put an UOA5 in that 59n too, but that's really pretty perfect already...I love 59's. I know there are a ton of questions about this PUP and mags, but I beg your indulgence as my question is pretty specific and I found lots of "can I get a classic rock tone" questions, but...that's not my bag. As always...Thanks all! One thing to add...I am gonna split these PUP's when the work goes down...in case that matters.

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    Alnico 2 in JB is very nice.


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      I've heard that, but...I don't have one of those around.  I think I am going to try the UOA5.