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  • Pit Orchestra for "Grease"

    OK, I had a great time this past weekend.  I teach high school art, but have been playing since I was 14 (now 61).  I don't play in a regular band but I still play a lot, sitting in with local groups and jamming with friends.  My high school students performed Grease this past weekend and I was #1 Guitar, with one of our seniors as #2. What a great time. Some of the younger students didn't realize I played, and those that knew were pleased to have me there.  The kids were great, the music fun and the other orchestra members were very accomplished local musicians.  One was a verteren of the show "Sing-Off" with the Dartmoth Aires (SP?).  Lots of fun.


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    Cool, man. I've played drums in a couple of pit bands, and it was lots of fun. I've always wanted to play guitar for Tommy.


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      I watched the Sing Off, and the Dartmouth Aires were great! Also, I've done this while I worked at a small school, playing drums and guitar in their productions. Lots of fun, I agree!
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        One of the parents said to me years ago that I was demonstrating to the kids that playing music was for life, not just something you do in school.  I always felt good about that. 

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      That's great.
      I'm doing my first pit ever next month for a college production of Xanadu. I'm actually the music director for the band. I sequenced all of the keys and we will be playing to a click track. I have some problem solving to do. It has already made me grow as a musician. I'm figuring out what I'm going to use for my rig this week.


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        That sounds like a lot of fun.
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