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Derek Trucks Guitar Lesson

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  • Derek Trucks Guitar Lesson

    In the first of a two-part series, the slide supremo demonstrates his approaches to basic major and minor slide licks.

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    That looks like an older vid: he's still clean-shaven and the SG doesn't look quite as battered. :robotwink:


    That's still a great demonstration of why he's one of the best slide players on the planet.  Kinda makes me want to grab my slide and play some licks.  Thanks for posting. :robothappy:

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      Derek'e unique slide style, IMO, stems from his legato style.  He picks a note and then slides to many notes without picking again before moving on. Uncanny intonation skills. Definitely has a sitar kind of vibe. I admire his originality but don't really care for the sitar like approach. I like slide guys who milk notes more and leave more space.