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I can haz McGuire Tele? [Reasonably-Priced Relic Content]

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  • I can haz McGuire Tele? [Reasonably-Priced Relic Content]

    Spotted these on the V&R guitars website - I'm not usually fussed about relic'ing but these 'McGuire' jobs look awesome for the price. Thoughts?

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    I like the looks of that strat a lot, but I wouldn't really call that reasonable... at least not for me right now... =/
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    Anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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    My uncle got into a bar fight with a tele wielding blackbear and lost an eye, and my ex wife's name was Fender Stratocaster.

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      I bought a McGuire 52' Telecaster from V&R a couple of years ago. Without doubt these are the best repro's of this style money can buy. Sound, feel and of course looks are all there. I have played 5 tours with this little beauty and it is defiantly my number 1. In my humble opinion, Mike McGuire leaves the Fender CS and Nash in the shade and I have tried them both. This guy is a master builder who makes his own parts and pickups, not bought in from all parts or similar suppliers. As far as value for money goes, if these guitars cost another grand, they would still be worth it. Go on, treat yourself, you will not regret it :-))


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        Pretty nice.  I personally think Danocaster makes by far the best/most authentic looking relics, although I've never played one.


        There are a number of good options for Fender-style guitars right around that $2K mark.  I have a K-Line tele style that I think is fantastic, I have also played LSLs which are very nice as well.  In my opinion, both guitars easy hang with the best Fender CS guitars on the wall at my local shop and exceed a number of the CS a materially less expensive price.