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  • Is this a good buy?

    There's a local guy selling a late 80s Kramer Focus 6000 with it's original hardshell for $150.  It's the teal color and still has the original pickups and Floyd.  He gave me a closeup, and while it doesn't say Original Floyd Rose on it, it just says Floyd Rose which is the same as one I had on a frankenstrat that pretty much refused to go out of tune as well as the OFR on my Warmoth.

    Anyways, it has a couple nicks/scratches that show the wood underneath but they're small, and one of the knobs is missing but he says the electronics work fine and everything is in good shape other than the scratches.

    Is that a good price or not really a deal considering mint ones don't go for too much either?

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    For $150,if you didn't like it, you could sell it for same. That's not much.

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      I'm pretty sure that's one of the ESP made Kramers. I'd say it's worth every bit of $150.


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        Certainly worth it, I'd think. And as Buttcrust says, you won't lose much, if anything, on resale.
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          I'd say it's well worth $150. The 80's Floyd Rose trems just have "Floyd Rose" stamped on the baseplate, I think they only added the word 'Original' once they started doing the Lo-Pro & Speedloader models.