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My White Strat Comes out of Hidiing


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  • My White Strat Comes out of Hidiing

    After I recorded this, I noticed that, while my playing on this song is pretty basic, the tone is quite nice. Almost Jeff Beckish in its rich upper mids. I've also mastered the art of holding the trem bar between my pinkie and ring finger to give the long, drawn out notes a subtle vibrato. 

    I hope you enjoy this tune. The bass part was played on my Danelectro Longhorn and I did the whole thing on my iPad using my new Moog Mini V synth, Animoog, Sunrizer and the Gorillaz version of Korg's Electribe, all captured via Auria DAW using Audiobus to link everything together. My Manuel Rodriguez classical guitar also makes a cameo.

    I'm trying to get a buzz going over at my Soundcloud site--it's been difficult because I think that my new songs lean toward the electronic end of the scale, but I think you will like this one.

    Garbiel in the Arena by Jeff Bauer


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    Sorry--I think my link may have gotten lost. It's back up and running now.


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      I'll have to listen later, but that's a gorgeous finish on that Strat.
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        docjeffrey wrote:

        Garbiel in the Arena by Jeff Bauer


        I like the contrast between the guitar and the electronic sounds.

        "Jeff's Guitar Shop"

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        from the deepest hell to the highest states.

        It is up to you which one you choose to explore


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          Nice, I like the tone of that Strat.

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        Originally Posted by GW348

        I just let the pee flow. The places I play, no one notices or have peed themselves too.

        RIP Wayne Murray

        **************** YOU CANCER!!


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          How does something go into HIDIING
          Big rocks got stacked on top of each other. Is this proof of alien life? Yes it is


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            Beautiful strat doc!

            I love guitars!


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              I listened, super playing and style as well as effects and recording. Cool guitar, nice finish. All in all, great post, neat guitar & music.

              So many guitars, so little time


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                very nice 

                I love that kind of atmosphere

                (do you kow Tangerine Dream ?)