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Heavy strings without setup?


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  • Heavy strings without setup?

    All of my guitars are set up for 10 gauge strings.  I would like to experiment with 11's or 12's but I don't want to recut the nut or bridge slots until I'm sure I like the heavies.  Can I do this or do I absolutely need to  do a setup before even trying them out?

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    If it's a TOM bridge or similar, then it's ok to try them first without cutting the nut. If it's a whammy, you may need to add an extra spring in the cavity (or two, depending on what you like). You will probably need to adjust the intonation, and possibly the neck relief.
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      You'll be fine for a test drive.

      If you like it, you'll want to tighten the truss rod a tad if at all, adjust intonation and enlarge nut/bridge slots for decent tuning stability after bends.