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Melodic Interval Recognition - Post the songs you use


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  • Melodic Interval Recognition - Post the songs you use

    I've been doing daily ear training exercises to develop better relative pitch recognition... hearing 2 notes and identifying the interval between them. The method I've been using primarily is to sing out loud or in my head the first couple notes of a song that I know to have a specific interval, in the key where the first note of the song matches the first of the notes in the interval in question, and determining whether the intervals match. And so, I've been compiling a list of melodies that open with a specific interval, and thought I would post mine in hopes others would post theirs, in the interest of compiling a more extensive list! So here goes...

    Minor 2: Jaws
    Major 2: Do-Re-Mi
    Minor 3: O Canada
    Major 3: Kumbaya
    Perf 4: Here Comes the Bride
    Tritone: Simpsons Theme
    Perf 5: Twinkle Twinkle little star
    Minor 6: Baker St Sax Hook
    Major 6: It Came upon mid clear
    Minor 7:
    Major 7: Take on Me
    Octave: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Minor 2: Joy to the World
    Major 2: Mary had a little lamb
    Minor 3: Hey Jude
    Major 3: Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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    There are many nice list of interval songs on the internet, for example:


    There are also tools that make interval training automatic:



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      The lastest issue of Guitar Player has a great summary of all ascending intervals and popular tunes that use them (Fretboard Recipies, Pt. 2 by Jessse Gress).


      For example, Ascending Major Thirds: "When the Saints Go Marching In," "On Top Of Old Smokey," ... "Can't Buy Me Love," ...  There are a dozen examples for each interval.  Very cool article.

      I reference "Here Comes the Bride" for P4, the Star Wars Theme for P5, and "Somewhere OVer The Rainbow" for an octave.