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Anyone tell me if theres a better CAGED book out there than Hal Leonards ?

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  • Anyone tell me if theres a better CAGED book out there than Hal Leonards ?

    Hi, I see a book from the UK on Ebay that covers 3 different technques , how much important coverage is needed off this list to play rock / classic rock / blues ? I'm just trying to further myself . I'm in the USA , this book is from the U.K. but the Hal Leonard CAGED book , doesn't seen to have nothing to much more than the CAGED system .. Is any of this other stuff , a do without situation ? I mean I'm into the scales , know the blues , penta's . ect . modes . but whats this  Three-Note Per String System Major Scale Modes (6th String Root) ????   Three-Note Per String System Major Scale Modes (5th String Root) ??????    


    The Hal Leonard book seems like it covers whats needed ,, but this book has some extras ,, I've got a scale, Modes , ect .. book .. but is there anything needed thats in this book from the U. K.


     Sorry if my questions all jumbled , I think you get what I'm trying to get at here ? Its just AT&T, or some sht is cutting off my PC ever 10 minutes or so ..uhggg... thanks for any help ect .. Kevin 

     This book ??   Or  ?/



     This book ???  Or do you guys know a better way ????? 1639


    ????  thanks




    •         Introduction     
    •         CAGED System (Five Position System)     
    •         CAGED System (Major Scale Key of D)     
    •         Fingerings     
    •         Circle of Fifths/Fourths     
    •         Finger Stretch System (Twelve Keys In One Position)     
    •         Finger Stretch System Patterns Major Scale (2nd Position)     
    •         Three-Note Per String System (Seven Pattern System)     
    •         Three-Note Per String System (Key of C)     
    •         Three-Note Per String System (Key of F)     
    •         The Major Scale Modes     
    •         Three-Note Per String System Major Scale Modes (6th String Root)     
    •         F Ionian     
    •         G Dorian     
    •         A Phrygian     
    •         Bb

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    Either one huh ??


    • Tricky
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      Been trying to reply to you for ages but the whole "read only" thing....

      Fretboard Logic was mentioned to me on this forum so I got it and I think its a good reference for the CAGED concepts...


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    I wrote this if you're interested... amazon best seller <plug>
    Play Perfect ii V I's Today:
    Over 2 hours of audio, 20 chapters and 163 notated examples. Go from zero to hero on the ii V I
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      I have a new 200 page book out that expands on CAGED and the layout of the fretboard, on eBook and paperback. A lot of free sample pages are available. Any one of the letter-size diagrams puts together the Major and Minor Scales and their Modes, the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and their Modes, Chords, and Intervals. The rest of the book is for extra help and insights.

      You can visit my website for pdf samples or take the link to Google Books from my home page to see 20 percent of the book titled Fretboard Positions Diagram. I copied the index from the pdf edition of the book below:

      The Fretboard Positions Diagram Key of D Major page 5
      Legend for the Fretboard Positions Diagram page 6
      Foreword page 7
      Instructions pages 8 - 11
      The Heart of the Fretboard Positions Diagram pages 12 - 14
      The Major Scale and Minor Scales pages 15 - 19
      Musical Keys pages 20 - 22
      Intervals pages 23 - 27
      Chords pages 28 - 37
      Major Scale Modes pages 38 - 44
      The Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and Pentatonic Modes pages 45 - 52
      The Blues Scale page 53
      The Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales pages 54 - 55
      Solos and Improvising pages 56 - 63
      Fretboard Positions Diagrams and Legends for All Major Keys pages 64 - 87
      Reference Diagrams pages 88 - 200
        Modes of All Major Keys pages 88 - 171
        Modes over Chords in Each Position pages 172 - 176
        Minor Keys Relative to All Major Keys and Legends for All Minor Keys pages 177 - 200


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    What is it you are hoping to learn from these books?

    I only ask because in my experience books are a difficult way to learn about music and the guitar.  Don't get me wrong, they are fine for some people but for many - books just sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere.  I've got a ton of books that I was never able to finish reading. Lessons are by far the more effective option.

    The CAGED method, various other scale fingering "systems" all do that same thing without much practical difference between them. Knowing the fretboard well enough makes any distinctions between fingering systems moot.


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      Jed, I know that you weren't asking me directly, but I'm hoping that people won't think of the Fretboard Positions Diagram (mentioned in my post yesterday) as a system or trick. It's meant to help guitar players see where the principles of music are found on the fretboard. There is a consistency there that I haven't seen presented anywhere else in this manner.

      Here is a picture of a Fretboard Positions Diagram and its Legend. Excellent quality pdfs of them can be downloaded for free from my website This Diagram is in the Key of D Major. For other Keys, the positions can be moved to the appropriate frets, but Diagrams for all of the Major and Relative Minor Keys are also in my book. Naturally I'd like for the book to sell, but it elaborates on the Diagram and covers musical principles to help anyone who wants help with them. The book may not be wanted by advanced players who understand the Diagram, but it has a lot of good reference material on Scales, Modes, Chords, and Intervals, and the electronic editions are real cheap.

      Fretboard Positions Diagram.png Fretboard Positions Diagram for HostBaby samples\_Page\_06.png

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