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Boss GT-10 vs Line 6 POD X3


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  • Boss GT-10 vs Line 6 POD X3

    Are any of you using the Boss GT-10 in live performance and if so, through what amp and what settings did you find to be good?

    I have not had very good experiences using the new Boss GT-10 in live performance. It is becoming clear to me that this unit is designed for those who intend to use it for home recording. I had it plugged into a Marshall JC 800 yesterday for a showcase performance and found the distortion sounds that sounded so good when I dialed 'em in at home had way too much high end, way too much drive and sounded very thin through the Marshall. Adjusting treble, mid, bass and presence on the Marshall did not help much. Switching to the neck pick-up on my Strat kept the shrillness down but, bottom line, the tones were just awefull and had way too much drive. I hated that the drive was not immediatly accessable with a knob. I had to hit a button and then a knob was assigned to drive BUT I had to lock in the drive setting or I'd lose that drive setting when I hit another pedal.

    Trying to make quick tweeks is not as hard on the GT-10 as it is on a unit where you have to scroll through menus but its not as easy as the ME-50 where knobs give immediate access to drive, compression, reverb etc...I see that the Line 6 POD X3 has knobs for immediate access to drive, delay and tone settings but not for compression or noise gate. I A/B'd my brother's Line 6 Floor POD with my GT-10 and the floor pod's distortions were much less bright. Unfortunately I didn't get to try it through a proper amp with a full band playing. I didn't like the Floor POD's cheaper construction but it did have the right "immediate access" knobs and I suspect its distortions wouldn't be as bright and shrill through the Marshall.

    So I'd really like to hear from those playing gigs with either of these pedals.