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Repairing a Small Stone ?


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  • Repairing a Small Stone ?

    Hi All
    Could some one help me out? I came across an old Small Stone that I had quite obviously destroyed in my youth. I would really love to bring it back to life but I am a total beginner when it comes to electronics.Willing to do a bit of DIY with some pictorial help
    The Control pot is missing although the legs are still soldered to the board and there are a number of wires that are loose.
    Maybe if some one could post a pic of the inside of a SS I could use it for reference.
    The pedal is a version 2 and the board says SS issue J.
    Any advice much appreciated.

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    There's a gut shot of a version 3 here: http://oldamplifiers.com/effects/e15/e15.htm


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      That's not an Issue J, the board is different. For the pot all you have to do is remove the old legs and solder in the new pot. Finding a replacement pot is where you'll have difficulty. I believe it uses a 1M reverse log, which might be tough to find with long solder lugs for pcb mounting. As for the rewiring unless you can read a schematic or get a really detailed photo of both sides of the pcb youre probably better off getting somebody with experience to do it. Good luck!
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        Thanks SonicVI
        I think I'm going to take some pics of what I have because I think there are some wires missing. Shame EHX used pretty much all white wires.Be prepared for a shocking sight


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          Here is a pic of the disaster zone .The blue wire is probably something I added all those years ago .The camera is only 1mega pixel .There is a TV engineer that attempted to fix a Zoom pedal of mine but he could not get the parts. I may ask him but it ends up being expensive he has a flat rate starting at