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digitech rp350 not working


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  • digitech rp350 not working

    So i fired up my rp350 last night, and when I hook it up to an amp or plug in some headphones, I get no output. The machine powers on and seems to start up fine, and If i turn on the drums on it i can hear them playing, but they sound faint and distant. No matter what i seem to do, i can't get any guitar related sound to come out. anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

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    chocolate sauce


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      I had a RP 250A or something that died last month - its in the trash

      I had replaced it with a ME50 that I do use at gigs.
      My role is to get the ladies dancing till their panties are all sweaty.


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        Try performing a factory reset. You will lose any presets you have made, so do this after your sure it isnt something silly like you have the volume set to off.

        Factory Reset
        This function resets the RP350 to its original factory settings. This procedure erases all custom User presets, and recalibrates the Expression Pedal.
        ATTENTION: Performing this function will erase all user-programmed data. All such data will be lost forever! Be sure you want to erase the memory and start fresh before continuing with this procedure.
        The procedure for performing a Factory Reset is as follows:
        . Press and hold the Store button while powering up the RP350.
        2. When the display prompts you with FACRST, release the Store button, which is now flashing.
        3. Press and hold the flashing Store button for 3 seconds until RSTORD appears in the display and release. The Restore procedure takes several seconds to complete; during the procedure, the display will count up. After the Restore procedure is complete, the Expression Pedal calibration procedure will begin.
        Expression Pedal Calibration
        The Expression Pedal on the RP350 needs to be recalibrated for use after a factory reset has been performed. This calibration procedure is automatically entered after a factory reset procedure.
        (You can also initiate the calibration procedure by pressing and holding both Footswitches
        for approximately 5 seconds.) In the event the Pedal