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Trying Pedals for everything...into a clean amp


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  • Trying Pedals for everything...into a clean amp

    Been playing longer than most of you have been alive, but never tried this and I'm kinda digging it.
    Chain is gtr>OCD>TS-9>Dano Cool Cat>Dano Rocky Road>Roland Cube 80 XL's JC setting. I use the CUBE's Verb, Delay & boost.

    I'm not sure about the TS-9...OCD sounds awesome and gives me a very Marshallesque crunch, but it's not quite enough for solos. I'm looking for the OCD with a little more push, so I might just end up with another OCD.

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    Yeah a tubescreamer is kind of blah if you're not using it to push an amp. Maybe replace it with a pedal that sounds more like a distorted amp, and has a boost switch you can kick on for solos?
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      18v that OCD, it might be all you need.
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          18v that OCD, it might be all you need.

          I need another pedal that will kick it up a notch WITH the OCD. So even if I did 18v the OCD, I'd still need another pedal. I just picked up a Dano Daddy-O for $20.00. I read on Freestompboxes that it's a clone of a Marshall Guv'nor. I've played with it a little and by itself, it sounds a little harsh, but with the OCD it shows promise.