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So how do 1 quote another up in this bleep...


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  • So how do 1 quote another up in this bleep...


    changes come w/ the whether...

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    WTF or forever give up peace...
    changes come w/ the whether...


    • Lou Speed's Alt
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      riff ie wrote:
      WTF or forever give up peace...

      Click reply then click quote on the right next to spell check.

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    changes come w/ the whether...


    • lefort_1
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      Oddly, there are a ton of other Lithium-based forums.

      But we have no idea whether this specific development team has ever written forum-based code. In fact, the forums in many Lithium sites seem to be a sideline, ancillary portion of the site. (see the At&T, the Playstation or the BritTel sites). But this site has been largely dominated by the fora ....many orders of mangitude greater activity in the fora than in the Pro Reviews or the Music Industry News. And since the User Review demise around v2.0, tha activity has been damn near nil.

      But I think the real FaelBoat can be found in the Specification for this site.... If we had access to it, I bet the Spec created by GC higher ups gave little real direction other than:

      • basic forward compatability for user accounts.
      • move as many threads forward as possible,
      • make it a little cumbersome to start long, drawn-out arguments,... eg make quoting a two-step thing.
      • Make it easy to include ads
      • just see how the old forum worked....that's kinda how we want it.
      • soothing colors, backgrounds and overall environment... we don't want the inmates getting riled.

      Until someone provides documentation to the counter, I'm pretty sure that's how it reads.


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    I agree.