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Modding a pedal looper


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  • Modding a pedal looper

    I want this pedal looper to control the amp channels and reverb, too. 
    Would it be possible to mod it ? If it's too complicated and/or expensive I'd better buy this:http://www.thomann.de/gb/carl_martin_oc ... h_mkii.htm


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    Historically, channelswitcher and reverb controls have been 'pull-to-ground'-type or dpdt switches.

    Those two loopers appear to be buffered send/rcv types. It would be a huge waste to ask a buffer to slam a line to ground to activate reverb. Even more of a waste to pull out the active/programmable buffers and toss in dead-switches.

    If it were me, I'd get the simpler looper and just buy a small, simple switcher/reverb box and have it on the side. They can be tiny.

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      Excuse my ignorance, but would it be possible "to ask a buffer to slam a line to ground to activate reverb" ? All I care is if the mod is possible and cheap. I don't need the whole 8 loops, 6 would be enough. I need to be able to make and save patches such as:

      1. clean channel  + amp reverb + chorus

      2.gain channel + OD + noise gate + delay